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At YakeddGraph we will grow your business.

We're a team that delivers.

YakeddGraph is a branding agency specializing in the creation of effective visual identities. We are an artistic team that thrives on creativity, innovation and cultivating relationships with our clients.

We specialize in branding, but also offer other design services such as logo design and corporate design. In addition, we offer digital marketing solutions to help you establish your online presence.

At YakeddGraph we are passionate about the work we do and the brands we build. We want to make sure your company can establish its own voice and make an impact with your customers.

THE team

Behind our project is a wonderful team dedicated to ensure the success of any business.

María G.

Digital Marketing and Design.

In charge of executing and projecting powerful marketing strategies. In addition to advertising design, SEO, social media management and studying a career in Business Administration.

Eduardo G.

Web Developer and Designer.

I am dedicated to the development of new projects and brand designs. First I worked in Social Media oriented Marketing and later in Web Development and design with CMS WordPress. I also have a university degree in Music and I love art. I characterize myself for taking each project with the same energy to achieve the goal that matters: Digitize each business and boost it on the internet!

  • Karla Ruiz (Customer Service)
  • Emmet Brahm (WordPress Development) 
  • Daniela Méndez (Advertising Design)
  • Jennifer Scirolli (Copywriting and SEO Positioning)
  • Leonardo Rengifo (Content Marketing) 
  • José Cueva (Paid Ads Manager)

Honesty and Transparency

     We love what we do and therefore we have achieved success consolidating online businesses, we like to do the best job possible to achieve great results, however it is for this same reason that we also have the obligation to maintain transparency about what we do, and is that the road to consolidate online business involves a process not only of construction and logistics but also learning. 


     Therefore it is extremely important that you have very clear what is your service and / or product and recognize in principle if it is a product or service that is really worth, for as we mentioned, the way for your business to get success on the internet involves a process, it does not work overnight and if the product of the business is not good or has no demand, there is very little that can be done at the level of Marketing. On the contrary, if your product is truly amazing you can trust us, we have everything you need to take your business to the top in the Digital world!

Ready to take your brand further? 🚀

Whether you’re looking for branding, website design or advertising, YakeddGraph has you covered. We offer competitive pricing and can help you take your business to the next level. We specialize in branding and are experts at turning your business into a powerful brand.

We work with

At YakeddGraph you will also have a marketing team dedicated to work, commitment and results, who will be there to support you and make your ideas and the vision you want for your business possible even if you are just starting out or thinking about doing it.💭


If you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist. YakeddGraph is a brand building company that creates and grows your brand online. We will help you get your name out there so that it stops being just an idea and becomes a reality.


YakeddGraph has made it its mission to provide quality design services to businesses of all sizes. From logos to web design, it is reliable and affordable for any business budget.


It’s time for your business to shine online! We will make sure your business is present on social media and manage the strategies for your paid ads, while providing time and money saving services for your business needs. Let YakeddGraph handle the heavy lifting for you, We will create cost effective and powerful marketing strategies.

Save Time and Money! Let us take care of it, we have the perfect solution to digitize and boost your business online. Don’t wait, contact us today!

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