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low cost marketing services
low cost marketing services
low cost marketing services

Ecommerce Website

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low cost marketing services

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We design ecommerce platforms to help you boost your online sales!⚡

YakeddGraph offers ecommerce design and development services, enabling you to establish a professional online store.

We’ve got you covered! YakeddGraph is your one-stop solution for creating stunning ecommerce platforms.  We can help you 💪

1. What will you get when you purchase this service?

  • Professional Domain (.com) For 1 Year.
  • Hosting to store your ecommerce platform For 1 Year
  • Ability to sell your products on your ecommerce platform
  • A website that is lightning quick and entirely responsive.
  • Includes a contact form
  • Optimization of Google indexing and SEO
  • Integration of social media, analytics, and other libraries as needed
  • An ecommerce platform built on WordPress CMS, tailored to the needs of your business.
  • Graphical arrangement using HD photos that is visually appealing
  • And much more.

It is important that you already have a Logo for your business, if not, don’t worry! We offer comprehensive packages for entrepreneurs and businesses, taking care of all aspects for your online success. Explore our complete packages for entrepreneurs and businesses on our Services page.

Turnaround Time

The delivery time of ecommerce platforms usually varies between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the client’s requirements. We strive to deliver each project within this timeframe and expedite whenever possible ✅.

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low cost marketing services
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